Odontocidium Wild Willie ‘Pacific Bingo’ (Odm. reichenheimii x Onc. Wildwood)

oncidiumOdontocidium Wild Willie ‘Pacific Bingo’ (Odm. reichenheimii x Onc. Wildwood) Odontocidium, abbreviated as Odcdm. in the horticultural trade, is the nothogenus comprising intergeneric hybrids of the two orchid genera Odontoglossum and Oncidium (Odm. x Onc.). Many orchids formerly classified as Colmanara have been reclassified as Odontocidium by the American Orchid Society.

This one is blooming at the Fairchild’s botanical garden right now.

Odontocidium is a hybrid genus of orchids. This artificial genus was created by breeders by crossing orchids from the genus Oncidium with orchids from the genus Odontoglossum. Breeders of orchids have long taken advantage of the ability of orchid species to freely pollinate and cross with each other to produce thousands of new orchid genera, species and varieties.

oncidiumOncidium laeve (Lindl.) Beer [as Odontoglossum laeve Lindl.] Bateman, J., A monograph of Odontoglossum, t. 16 (1874) [W.H. Fitch]


27 thoughts on “Odontocidium Wild Willie ‘Pacific Bingo’ (Odm. reichenheimii x Onc. Wildwood)

  1. The name just cracks me up. It sounds like they included a Las Vegas casino with all their genetic cross-breeding. What part of the plant are those star-like, brown and yellow “rays”? Is that part of the bloom, or bracts, or stem? It’s rare I can’t sort out at least the basics of a plant, but this is remarkable!


    • Some orchids are like this. Those “rays” are just petals, and most orchids do mimic their own pollinators to attract them. Many are known as masters of deceit. From what I read they are easy to hybridize by simply growing together. This one is looks like a real spider.


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