Acacia auriculiformis (Earleaf Acacia)

Acacia auriculiformisAcacia auriculiformis (Earleaf Acacia),  Aka Auri, Earleaf Acacia, Earpod Wattle, Northern Black Wattle, Papuan Wattle, and Tan wattle, or Skashmoni in Bengali, is a fast-growing, crooked, gnarly tree in the family Fabaceae. It is native to Australia, Indonesia, and Papua New Guinea. It grows up to 30m (98 ft) tall. It is said that Acacia auriculiformis has about 47 000 seeds/kg. I will only be posting about the seed pod only, because the trees are only fruiting right now.

Acacia auriculiformisThe word “acacia” derives from Latin ‘acacia’, from Greek akakia, meaning “thorny Egyptian tree,” a word of uncertain origin. It is said to be related to Greek ake “point, thorn”. “Auriculiformes” derives from ‘auricular’, and from Medieval Latin ‘auricularis’, from Latin auricula “ear,” diminutive of ‘auris’, meaning “pertaining to the ear”.

Acacia auriculiformisI expect this tree to be in bloom by April or May. It belongs to the Fabaceae family. Here’s a group I’ve posted about which belong to this family.

AuriAcacia auriculiformis Benth. Mueller (Müller), F.J.H. von, Iconography of Australian species of Acacia, t. 90 (1887-1888)



18 thoughts on “Acacia auriculiformis (Earleaf Acacia)

  1. The word that came to mind was “sculptural.” I really like these forms, and you’ve done a beautiful job of highlighting them with the detail free, white background. Did you photograph them against a white ground? However you did it, you’ve managed to really make the examples stand out, and command attention.


    • Thank you Linda! Yes, they were photographed against a white background, which was brightened even more with Photoshop, because to get pure and bright white is not easy to get in the camera. I had to give this one a little push. It is called masking. I use it only when I think it might help. Thanks for your feedback.


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