Cyclamen persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen)

CyclamenCyclamen persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen) Aka Persian Cyclamen, is native to the eastern Mediterranean, growing on rocky hillsides, shrubland, and woodland up to 1,200 m (3,900 ft) above sea level, from south-central Turkey to Israel and Jordan. It also grows in Algeria and Tunisia and on the Greek islands of Rhodes, Karpathos, and Crete. I have not found any records showing that this plant has naturalized in the U.S. nor the Caribbean (according to the USDA), but  forum members from “Dave’s Garden” website report seeing it growing in California. 

The name “Florist’s Cyclamen” refers to the varieties of colors ranging from white, pink and red and the cultivars which have also been developed to be “frost-tender”, and can be grown under glass in temperate zones. Nevertheless, they are said to do best in USDA zones 9-11. 

The genus word “Cyclamen” is derived from Greek “kyklos”, meaning circle, wheel or ring; referring to the twisted flower stalks of the species. These twisted stalks arise from a tuber. The leaves are mostly variegated. The plant belongs to the Primulaceae family, commonly known as the “primrose family”.

CyclamenCyclamen persicum Miller, Step, E., Bois, D., Favourite flowers of garden and greenhouse, vol. 3: t. 176 (1896-1897) [D.G.J.M. Bois]



29 thoughts on “Cyclamen persicum (Florist’s Cyclamen)

  1. I do love cyclamen. We can actually grow them outdoors here!!! My father used to have them in the garden when I was young and this winter my wife was given some as a present. It will be interesting to see if they come up again next year.


  2. The opening shot is incredibly gorgeous! I like the Primrose Family… not that I am well informed, There must be some of these plants in floral greenhouses in Canada, I will be visiting one here in Toronto near the end of February. I’m making a point of looking for it. TY, Maria!


  3. They’re one of my favorite winter flowers. They’re considered annuals here, but they do very well indeed in our cool weather. They’re often used as bedding plants, and can take even a light freeze without much damage. Their colors are so vibrant against winter gray. Your photo captures that color beautifully.


  4. These are some of my favourite Spring plants. Yet they have lasted outdoors throughout winter.. I brought a couple in to flower indoors, but their flowers did not last as long as being outside..
    🙂 I hope you are well my friend.. xx


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