Happy Holidays

Happy Holidays!

“Angels of complacency rose, and smiled”-anonymous






41 thoughts on “Happy Holidays

    • Neither did I. I discovered them this Christmas. Someone at a Christmas reunion played them and I was marveled. They can be made of quartz, glass or metal. They’re from Tibet. I’m eager to learn how to play them. Merry Christmas Linda!

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  1. Hey Maria,

    Seasonal greetings and sincere best wishes for 2017. 🙂

    Thank you for delightful photography and informative publishing. I look forward to the enjoyment of viewing more of your splendid work here at The Tropical Flowering Zone. Have a wonderful holiday! 🙂


    DN – 25/12/2016


  2. Very beautiful, Maria! The bowl bells and the your glorious images are very peaceful and heart warming. Thank you.
    All the best this holiday season, and for a Happy New Year! _Resa


  3. I hope you had a most joyous wonderful Christmas time Maria.. Sending Love and Blessings for a Wonderful and Happy New Year.. I hope you have a most Happy, Healthy, and Harmonious 2017… And I so thank you Maria for all of your contributions to my posts.. Love and Hugs Sue xxx ❤


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