Barleria repens (Small Bush Violet)

Barleria repens (Small Bush Violet)Barleria repens (Small bush violet) Aka Red Barleria, Coral Barleria, Coral Creeper, is a plant of the Acanthaceae family. It occurs in forests and woodlands from tropical Africa to South Africa, but has naturalized in tropical America.

Barleria repensIt usually forms a rounded to spreading bushy shrub up to 1 ft., but may sometimes also climb or lean into nearby trees and shrubs (up to 3ft.). New branches tend to root as they touch ground, so this plant can quickly spread.  Named in honour of the Rev. James Barrelier MD of Paris. The Latin word repens means ‘creeping and rooting’. There are 60 species of Barleria in South Africa. Most are bushy shrubs, some with a tendency to scramble. Hardy to USDA zones 10-11.

Barleria repensBarleria repens Nees, Curtis’s Botanical Magazine, t. 6913-6972, vol. 113 [ser. 3, vol. 43]: t. 6954 (1887) [draaien]



27 thoughts on “Barleria repens (Small Bush Violet)

  1. It reminded me of Ruellia, and of another creeper we have called Carolina jessamine. It’s a beautiful plant — especially the color. I recognized repens in the name as being a somewhat commonly used specific epithet. You certainly have presented it beautifully!


    • Thank you! Yes, it is like a Ruellia but less wrinkled. Ruellia also stay in bloom for a longer time. I will probably be going back to Florida soon so maybe I will see the Carolina jessamine!


  2. What a pretty little ballerina!
    Well, garden season is over in Toronto. All the gardens look like steamed spinach. It’s hard to look at.
    However, make way for spring! We could be seeing crocus in 5 months!

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